+ OK, I've decided to hire you as my painting contractor. Where do we go from here?

+ What can I do to help make the project go more smoothly?

+ Who will be there to answer my questions or to address any concerns I may have throughout the project?

+ Do you charge for Quotes?

+ How do you determine the amount you will charge for my painting project?

+ How long will it take to paint my house?

+ What hours do your crews work?

+ Do I need to move everything from the rooms before you paint?

+ How will my personal property be protected from paint?

+ Can I leave my home while your painting crew works?

+ What if I want to change something about the job or need some additional work done while the paint crew are already at my home?

+ When I get different quotes from several companies, they are never the same, some high, some low. Why is there such a price difference?

+ How long will my exterior painting job last?

+ When do I pay you?

+ What should I look for in a painting contractor?

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